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The RNS Tal Handaq has been a school since January 1947, although at that time only the buildings in the southern and central area of the school had been built. The remaining buildings were built during the 1950's and very early 60's with the objective of supporting a complement of some 800 pupils. However during the three years I attended the school numbers had increased well beyond expectation and by the time I left Malta at the end of the 1959/60 school year there were more than 1,000 pupils at the school. Even so class size was not excessive - in fact I don't remember there ever being more than 25 in any of my classes. With the exception of a few short months in 1972 Tal-Handaq was both a secondary modern and secondary grammar school (*later a comprehensive school) for British forces children until its closure in July 1978. A much more complete history of the Royal Naval School Tal-Handaq was written by ex headmaster, Captain M.F.Law and is available to read HERE.

*The school was renamed "The Combined Services Comprehensive School" in the late 1960's.

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The Royal Naval School Tal Handaq


The Video Gallery

This video was kindly donated for upload to the website by ex Tal Handaq pupil, Lynn Mentiply.

Even though I've been back to the old school three times since 2004, viewing these video clips  still gave me a real feeling of nostalgia and I'm sure that most old "Talhandaqians" will hugely enjoy watching them too.    Believe me anyone who has not been back to Tal Handaq since their school days is in for a real treat!

The music

I understand from Lynn that the original video was shot for her by her sister's partner in 2005.  Lynn's sister Mandy is the girl that occasionally appears in the video clips - she was a pupil at Luqa.

I have to tell you.......the original video that Lynn sent me featured some great popular music from the 70's that I would really love to have included with the clips.  Unfortunately copyright issues meant that I've had to replace the original track with public domain music.  Nevertheless it's still a great trip down memory lane!